Feb. 15 -- Thar Process, Inc., a global leader in supercritical fluid technology, announced today the March 2012 opening of its CO2 supercritical toll-processing plant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The primary focus of this new facility is the nutraceutical and functional food industries, providing customers with natural, solvent-free products that could potentially meet organic market requirements.

With more than 20 years of experience serving the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, chemical, and electronics industries, Thar Process is a single-point-of-access provider of supercritical fluid technology solutions worldwide. It offers services from “concept through commercialization partnership” as well as the design of state-of-the-art pilot and process-scale supercritical plants.

Thar Process integrates its know-how in process and technology, offering contract processing services to deliver solutions in the commercialization of new and well-established products and ingredients. The new facility includes multi-purpose plants for processing solids and liquids that are flexible enough to handle limited production lots, recurrent production runs, and tractor-trailer shipments for high-volume processing.


Thar Process, Inc. won a grant from the Green Building Alliance (GBA) for developing an energy efficient Geothermal Heat Rejection air conditioning system for commercial and residential buildings. This system will be able to take heat directly from inside buildings and expel it to the earth. It will employ carbon dioxide as a heat transfer fluid.

Contact:    Tina Russell, Sales & Marketing