Supercritical CO2 Extraction, Particle Design, Sterilization, Impregnation + Purification Solutions since 1990.


Thar Process is the global leader of CO2 technology and equipment based in Pittsburgh. Thar is cGMP certified and focuses on providing processing for natural product industries with employed working facilities in 3 countries. Thar’s expertise includes engineering headed up by Dr. Chordia, Jeff Wright and Sashi Ramesh plus chemistry and formulations, headed up by Drs. Shaikh and Lupoi. Chief Revenue Officer Todd Palcic and CFO Greg Imberlina round out the team. With its proprietary technology, continuous R&D and toll processing services complementing its expertise in the bench to production-scale equipment, Thar offers its customers a single-point-of-access for process-scale, CO2 extraction, and purification solutions.  Thar follows the 3 Ps Principles: People, Planet, Profit.

Our Journey


Thar was founded by Lalit Chordia, P.h.D.


Thar built and commissioned the world’s largest industrial scale supercritical chromatography system, SFC-600. (The system is currently being used in Malaysia to separate and purify micronutrients from palm oil.)


Thar was awarded a $2 million grant by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Alternative Technology Program for the development of a novel biodiesel technology that reduces the use of toxic substances and offers a clean, continuous, and economically viable production process.


Thar announced the opening of its CO2 supercritical toll processing plant in their Pittsburgh Facility (as defined below). The primary focus of their new plant was the nutraceutical and functional food industries, providing customers with natural solvent-free products that could potentially meet organic market requirements. Thar's focus is to utilize supercritical processing in the pharmaceuticals and natural products industries.


Thar’s toll processing plant received GMP certification with respect to the production of astaxanthin.


Dr. Chordia was awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia with respect to his entrepreneurship and role at Thar. Thar expanded its purification offerings to include supplying process-scale low, medium and high-performance liquid chromatography equipment and related services.


Thar patents 'full spectrum' winterized crude oil using Thar's patent-pending WinterFlow™ in-line winterization technology.  Thar started working in the cannabis/hemp industry with its first Isolator SFC™10 for CBD clinical trials.


Thar further expanded its purification offerings to include supplying process-scale supercritical fluid chromatography equipment and related services. Thar manufactured and delivered one of the largest high-performance liquid chromatography plants ever made, having a 600 millimetre internal diameter DAC column, in the United States.


Thar's Isolator SFC™ shifted to a primary R&D focus on purification of both natural + pharmaceutical synthetic ingredients (lipids, chiral APIs) and natural product isolation (natural oil (algae, oats, tea, etc.), minor cannabinoids, and more) after completion of SuperFast™ CO2 Extraction line.